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Post  Princess on Tue Dec 27, 2011 7:32 am

Every website needs 'em, guys, but these are a bit less limited.
- You CAN swear if you want to. I swear like a trucker, so it's fine with me. xD
- Please, no sexual themes. Kissing is fine, but once it gets to the point their clothes are off, for love of God, SKIP.
- If you want it, LGBT couples are perfectly okay.
- Please be nice to each other outside of RP! No flame wars are allowed! D: We're a family, right guys?
- Trytrytry to be active on here! Make a post on the updates board if you're gonna be gone for a while. I'm not going to kick you out, but I don't want this website just dying because everyone randomly deserted me. ;n;
- I'm a bit of a Grammar Nazi, so please keep your RP posts clear of text talk. Outside of RP is fine.
- Outside links are allowed, but have common sense. Don't give us a link out of no where of something disgusting and horrific that no one wants to see.
- Have fun! Or I'll hunt you down and tickle you until you cry! ;D

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